The spectrophotometers are serviceable as the analytical instruments, which are used for quantitative measurement of the reflection and transmission of visible light. These also measure intensity of UV light as well as infrared light. 

Flame Photometer
Offered Flame photometers are analytical instruments, which are utilized for several clinical laboratories for the accurate determination of sodium, lithium, calcium, and potassium ions in the body. 

Photo Colorimeter
The Photo Colorimeters have vital use in biochemistry and are utilized to perform the measurement of several substances in the blood. These can also measure absorbance and transmittance of light which moves through the sample of liquid. 

TDS Meter
We offer TDS meters, which are functional as the small hand-held devices. These are utilized to imply the Total Dissolved Solids in a solution. These can boost the conductivity of a solution. Accuracy of these units is unquestionable. 

Dissolved Oxygen Meter
Common applications of Dissolved Oxygen Meter are wastewater, aquariums, groundwater remediation, and fish hatcheries. These water quality indicators can measure the amount gaseous oxygen dispersed in water.  

Digital Colony Counter
Digital Colony Counters supplied by us have been made for accurate and fast counting of mould and bacterial outposts in petri dishes. These easy to use devices work as essential bench top tools for many microbiologists. 

Turbidity Meter
Turbidity Meters we deal in are functional as the common tools for monitoring quality of water in a wide range of applications. These can detect the quality of water in lakes or rivers. These provide exact readings at low turbidity levels.

Karl Fischer Titrimeter
Offered Karl Fischer Titrimeters are widely suited for the direct analysis of water content in different industries. These devices perform this task with a reliable and innovative method. 

Melting Point Apparatus
We offer top-quality Melting Point Apparatuses, which perform the thermal analysis, very frequently. These are made to illustrate the solid crystalline materials and have vital role in research and development. 

Water Bath
We offer high-quality Water baths, which are suited for heating the samples in the lab. These can deal with cell lines as well as heating of flammable chemicals, in a safe way. 

Industrial Autoclave
We deal in best-quality Industrial Autoclaves, which are suited for many industrial applications. These are highly needed to produce composites and are utilized to sterilize equipment of different types. 

Bod Incubator
BOD incubators are known well for determining the levels of nitrogen and organic matters. These units offer required temperature for the development of microorganisms and simplify the execution of BOD testing. 

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